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Staff Profiles


  • Charlene Kehl

  • Kenneth H. Lester, Jr.

Charlene Kehl

Charlene J. Kehl is a paralegal with Ken H. Lester. The firm has offices in Columbia, Myrtle Beach, and Beaufort/Hilton Head, South Carolina. She obtained an Associate Degree from Midlands Technical College in the paralegal program as well as a B.S. Degree in the Management of Human Resources from Southern Wesleyan University.

Charlene’s duties and responsibilities include: preparing and drafting motions, pleadings, Affidavits, documents and other correspondence (e.g., debt and asset lists, witness affidavits, child support worksheets, responsive pleadings, etc.) as it relates to the client’s case.  She is the touch point between the client and the assigned attorney on the case and a liaison between the law office and court personnel.    

A native of South Carolina and an Army brat, Charlene previously worked with Mr. Lester as his paralegal for 9 years prior to moving to North Carolina.  While in North Carolina she worked as a FELA paralegal dealing with injured railroad workers and their families. After being away from SC for 4 years, she has now settled in Charleston, SC and is delighted to be working with Mr. Lester again. She works in the Columbia office Tuesday and Thursday and remotely from Charleston on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Kenneth H. Lester, Jr.

Kenneth Lester is the office assistant in the financial department.  Kenneth has been with Mr. Lester since 1994 and is a native of South Carolina.