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We strive to obtain fair and adequate child support in the best interests of your children.

When it comes to the care and support of your minor children, our commitment allows you to rest assured we will work diligently to get you the results you desire. Whether you are paying or receiving child support payments, it is important to have legal assistance when collecting facts and information to assist the court with making its decision. Mr. Lester has years of experience with child support in Columbia, Myrtle Beach and Beaufort. We are familiar with the intricacies of the South Carolina Child Support Guidelines and help ensure that all necessary evidence is gathered and properly presented to the court for consideration.

We are experienced in South Carolina child support law.

At the Law Offices of Ken H. Lester, we work with you to make sure your minor children have adequate support. Although South Carolina law requires parents to share joint responsibility for child support, the court usually orders the non-custodial parent to contribute to the support of minor children by financially assisting the parent with child custody. The South Carolina Child Support Guidelines dictate the amount of support for the non-custodial parent to pay. The guidelines consider the following factors:

  • Each parent's income

  • Number of children

  • Day care and health insurance costs

In addition, extenuating factors may also apply, including:

  • Educational expenses

  • Equitable property division

  • Debt

  • More than six children

  • Unreimbursed extraordinary medical expenses for child or either parent

  • Mandatory retirement deductions for either parent

  • Obligated support for other dependents

  • Substantial disparity of income

  • Alimony

  • Spousal agreement

The court will make a decision based on these factors, which makes it important for you to have our family law legal professionals assist you in gathering and presenting this evidence. If a significant change occurs in the circumstances of either parent after the court has made its decision, we can file a petition to seek child support modification.

WE help you understand how alimony works in South Carolina and whether it applies to your case

In South Carolina either spouse may be awarded alimony (often referred to as "maintenance") and be paid periodically or in a lump sum. The court may order temporary maintenance while the divorce is pending. The court typically considers the following factors in determining spousal support:

  • Duration of the marriage, spouses' ages at time of marriage and support

  • Each spouse's physical and emotional condition

  • Each spouse's educational background and need for additional training or education in order to achieve that spouse's income potential

  • Standard of living established during marriage

  • Current and reasonably anticipated earnings, needs and expenses of both spouses

  • Marital and non-marital properties of each spouse

  • Child custody

  • Marital misconduct or fault of either spouse

  • Tax consequences

  • Support obligations from prior marriages

At The Law Offices of Ken H. Lester we can assist you in resolving the issue of alimony and help you modify an existing order if either spouse shows a change in circumstances.

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